Iosono reveals new audio tech Proximity

Crytek harnessing beta implementation of sound tech in Crysis 3
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Iosono has unveiled a new audio tech offering surround sound-like audio for games.

The object-based tech is designed to further immerse players into a game by ensuring sound events such as shots, explosions and voices appear closer to the user’s ear.

The tech works through a system that consists of two loudspeakers, and users a wireless LAN connection from the speakers with a console or computer. No audio cables are required to run the speakers.

Proximity can also be run with existing stereo and surround sound setups through a middleware and game engine adaptation.

Beta implementations of the audio tech have been integrated with Crysis 3.

“Proximity strongly supports the game story, resulting in a longer playing time and deeper identification with the entire game franchise,” said Iosono marketing manager Katja Lehman.

“We expect to see more Proximity-enabled games over the next months as we recognise a great deal of interest.”

Iosono currently has a demo set-up of Proximity at Gamescom at the Arvato booth A050 in hall 4.2.

Visit the official website for more information.