Itheon releases compact network emulator

New tech designed to let testers check online games will perform on various networks
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Itheon has announced plans to release INE Compact, an affordable version of its network emulator which lets developers check how their gaming applications may perform in wide area, remote or wireless network conditions.

“Itheon Networks goal is provide, at affordable prices, the tools needed to address the whole networked application performance lifecycle from initial design & development, through testing, QA, to production rollout and ongoing performance monitoring," said Frank Puranik, product manager.

“The introduction of INE Compact compliments that approach. We now have a range of software-only, compact appliance and Enterprise portable/rack-mount network simulation solutions to suit the needs of organizations both large and small. In fact, Itheon Networks now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of network emulation products to help you simulate realistic network environments.”



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