iTrinegy launches hardware network simulator

New tool analyses and replays full network performance data
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Network emulation company iTrinegy has launched a new hardware product, the INE Companion, designed to analyse and recreate network performance.

iTrinegy's applications already allow less-than-optimal network conditions such as bandwidth, latency and packet drop to be emulated in software, but the Companion can analyse how applications perform and utilise the wide-area network, giving an accurate impression of bandwidth limits, jitter, loss, delay and more.

"When deciding on the development roadmap for testing applications, we know that our clients understand the importance of testing applications and the value of using an emulator to provide realistic network conditions, but we have also noted that there is an increasing need to recreate, in full, the live network conditions and create a background network load," said Frank Puranik, iTrinegy's product director.

"In order to achieve this, we need to measure the existing applications performance. In developing INE Companion we can now provide full reporting and analysis which delivers the statistics needed for the true performance analysis in both the live and test networks."



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