Jacques: Audio remains â??very under-fundedâ??

Decorated audio composer calls for better commitment from the industry
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One of the most experienced game audio composers in the world has criticised the industry for persistently holding back on game audio investment.

Richard Jacques reckons game audio still takes the crumbs of a typical project budget.

“It is of course one of those things that the audio community are always ‘banging on about’, but perhaps that is because the saying is still very true?” he asked.

“When working on a large-scale title, there are so many aspects to making great audio, and unfortunately we are still faced with someone picking a number out of a hat for the audio budget,” he added.

“Maybe another 10 years of banging on about it will help matters? Time will tell.”

Speaking in this week’s Develop FAQ, Jacques also criticised the exploitation of hard-working developers,.

Elsewhere, he said his favourite game was Bethesda’s Oblivion, though admitted he doesn't mind watching trash TV, and added that he visits game site UK:Resistance.

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