Jagex joins Realtime recruitment fray

Famed UK indie reveals plans to send recruiters to Dundee
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Jagex has confirmed that it is to join the ever-growing exodus of studio recruiters heading to Dundee after the Realtime Worlds redundancies.

The Cambridge-based firm, the only games studio to be awarded a Sunday Times Top 100 Employer gong, will send a contingent of senior and development staff to Dundee this Sunday with intentions to speak with ex-RTW staff on Monday and Tuesday.

In a communication with Develop the company said it was “actively looking to assist former or at risk employees during this difficult time.”

“Having already spoken with a number of affected staff, we are confident the core values that have allowed us to become one of the World’s largest and most successful indie development studios will closely match those of Realtime World and Cohort employees,” said Jagex talent acquisition specialist Peter Lovell.

“We are extremely keen to openly discuss opportunities.”