Jagex scores global release deal for Herotopia

Children's freemium MMO to re-launch in the summer
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Children's freemium MMO to re-launch in the summer

UK independent studio Jagex has scored a global publishing deal with social MMO New York children’s media firm Herotainment.

The Runescape studio will use its online games expertise to publish Herotopia, an “award-winning social online game for children”.

The landmark agreement makes Herotopia the second third-party game released by Jagex’s new publishing division. In 2010 the firm released Ultizen’s War of Legend MMO.

Herotopia will “relaunch” as an MMO this summer with Jagex’s online expertise behind it.

The freemium game is targeted at children with enhanced features on offer for paid members. It allows uses to take the role of their own superheroes and explore real and fantasy locations around the world.

“We are delighted to partner with Herotainment as they have created an enthralling virtual world which provides kids with a fun and enjoyable experience they can make their own,” said Jagex chief brand officer Wendy Rosenthal.

“Herotopia offers huge customisation of characters, secret hideouts and pets, whilst also offering educational content in a safe environment which will appeal to the superhero in everyone,” she added.