Jagex to explain studio transformation at Develop Conference

MMO Transformers Universe producer Kris Jones to give keynote
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MMO Transformers Universe producer Kris Jones to give keynote

UK indie giants Jagex will send one of its producers to the upcoming Develop Conference to give a keynote on the studio’s transformation.

Kris Jones, the producer of Jagex’s upcoming MMO Transformers Universe, will host a keynote entitled ‘Changing the Way We Develop Games Without Sacrificing Our Indie Identity’.

The keynote will explore how Jagex was “forced to shift from the traditional Jagex way of working”, event organiser Tandem has said.

Jones will discuss working with deadlines when working with third-party IPs, as well as shifting from in-house to external tools.

The Develop Conference full programme is now available (full list through here), with speakers including WB Games’ Laura Fryer, EA Sports dev boss Andrew Wilson, Hollywood artist Iain McCaig and Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith.

The event runs from July 19th to 21st. Go here to find out more.


On the evening of July 20th, Intent Media will host the annual Develop Awards night, which honours Europe’s best studios and individuals.

Total attendance for the Brighton awards night is now expected to top 500. Contact Kathryn.Humphrey@intentmedia.co.uk or call 01992 535 646 to attend.