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LONDON FOCUS: Today Develop looks at Gamewax and Mediatonic
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Continuing our in-depth look at London’s reawakening as a games development hub, Develop has spoken with Gamewax and Mediatonic: two atypical studios with a fresh take on what the city offers

Gamewax consists almost entirely of Japanese staff, who together bring experience from some of the country’s largest developers, and they have chosen to make a home for their company in London as they continue work on several concepts for console games.

Development director Mitsu Asami offered a rather interesting justification for putting down roots in the UK capital: “London is one of the most attractive and fast moving places in the world. One of the primary reasons we decided to setup in the London was to infuse our Japanese cultural and design background with European influences and create a unique flavour.”

Meanwhile, Flash game specialist Mediatonic takes influence from London’s cultural atmosphere. “There is an incredible amount happening on a daily basis in London,” said game director Paul Croft. “Elements in our games are inspired from a wide variety of sources from art exhibitions to comedy concerts. In order to keep our ideas fresh and take advantage of everything that's happening on our doorstep we have monthly studio outings to different events happening in London.”

To read the full profile of Gamewax and Mediatonic click here.


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