Jonathan Blow: Devs should be pushing boundaries

Designers should think about the effect games can have on modern culture, says Braid creator
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Developers should constantly try to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming to move the industry forward, Jonathan Blow has said.

Speaking to CBS, the Braid creator said game designers should try to expand the medium as they become increasingly more popular, rather than rehash the same old genres.

He added that he felt many games were immature, and developers should think more about what the effect a lack of creativity has on the overall industry.

“Games should be pushing the boundary of what they have already done,” said Blow.

“They should try to expand the medium because someday games can have a much bigger role in terms of their participation in human culture.

“Games are kind of immature, they’re playing in the kiddy pool a lot of the time. We as video game designers are creating a significant part of the modern environment. We should be thinking about what that is doing to everybody.”

Blow is currently developing puzzle game The Witness, which he has been working on for more than four years. He said that most of the money made from Braid had been put into the upcoming title, but was reluctant to give a release date.