Jury deadline: Can online tech end piracy?

Deadline for responses is end of play today
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This week’s Jury Service turns its attentions to new technologies that could aid the industry in its fight against piracy.

Last week Ubisoft said it was going to employ an “always-on” internet connection policy in some of its future PC releases, with its games constantly being verified as genuine.

With this in mind we ask:

Should developers adopt online technologies to fight piracy?

Some argue that Ubisoft’s approach will bottleneck potential customers, while others say it’s the only option in a PC market saturated in illicit filesharing.

Developers and industry members can send their answers to rob.crossley@intentmedia.co.uk, while the comments section below is open to all.

There are obviously many approaches you can take in your response. All will be collated and published on Thursday.

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