Just two devs on BAFTA's 42-strong 'Brit talent' list

Small pickings for UK talent in supposed 'Brits to watch' list
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Small pickings for UK talent in supposed 'Brits to watch' list
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Playground Games’ Matt Turner and Lionhead Studios’ Charles Griffiths are the sole representatives of the UK games development industry at the upcoming BAFTA ‘Brits to Watch’ event taking place in Los Angeles.

Organised by BAFTA to ‘highlight the incredible depth and range of great British talent currently emerging in film, television and video games’, the Belasco Theater show is to be attended by HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

However the significant portion of the ‘Brits to Watch’ are actors, directors and other professionals from the UK’s film and TV industries, with Turner and Griffiths left to stand for the entirety of the games development industry in Britain.

Of the entire list, only just over a quarter of the talent in attendance is female, suggesting an even more fundamental issue with the range of BAFTA’s selection process.

The full BAFTA ‘Brits to Watch’ list can be found here.


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