Kabam ports social games for PC desktop

'First ever' social games for digital download, claim California companies
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Kabam, Sweetlabs, and Download.com have teamed up to bring social gaming to your PC desktop.

Four titles from Kabam have been ported for a full screen desktop experience using Pokki, a tool that lets developers bring the "app experience" to PCs.

The games are available through Download.com, which claims this is the first time social games have been made available for digital download.

“We created Pokki to enable apps like Kabam’s games to shine on the desktop, one click away from running in full-screen, bridging the gap between web and desktop,” said Chester Ng, co-founder and CMO, SweetLabs.

“Download.com represents a huge distribution channel that will let us reach millions of Windows users just waiting to breathe new life into their PC.

The ported games are The Godfather: Five Families, Edgeworld, Thirst of Night, and Dragons of Atlantis.