Kenji Eno's last game to be posthumously completed by dev fellows

Developer’s behind Aquanaut's Holiday and others plan to finish Kakexun with the help of crowdfunding
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Ex-colleagues of departed game maker Kenji Eno plan to complete the final project that the talented creator was unable to finish before his untimely death.

Lead by Kazutoshi Iida, maker of titles such as Aquanaut's Holiday and Tail of the Sun, several members from Eno’s former companies Fyto and Warp2 have started a crowdfunding campaign to bring his final game, called Kakexun, into being.

The campaign is set to launch on March 20th.

Iida and his partners will also host a live broadcast on February 20th, 7-9pm JST, on Japanese video service Nicovideo, to explain their plans.

Eno created the PlayStation 1 survival horror game D, which he is best known for. He also made Enemy Zero for the Sega Saturn and, most recently, You, Me, & the Cubes for the Wii.

As well as designing games, Eno was a musician and wrote music scores for a number of titles during his life, including Sega Rally 2 and Panic Restaurant.

Details of the crowdfunding campaign can be found on the Kakexun website (Japanese only).

See a video of the project below.