Keywords Studios purchases localisation provider LOLA

Another day, another Keywords acquisition.
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No, you’re not experiencing deja vu, nor are you caught in some kind of Groundhog Day time loop. Which is a shame, as that would be pretty useful as we try to catch up with our Christmas shopping. This Keywords acquisition is separate from Wednesday’s Keywords acquisition of Sperasoft. Just two days later, the company is announcing that it has purchased Mexico City based Spanish localisation provider LOLA for $1.03m. We guess they had some change left over from lunch yesterday that they needed to spend.

Keywords Studios has been using LOLA (formally Localizadora Latam SC) as an external service provider in conjunction with its own local voice over studio, Kite Team Mexico. LOLA provides Latin American Spanish dubbing, localisation and sound design services for the games industry and non-Keywords clients include Ubisoft and Warner Bros.

“We are thrilled to have Alejandro, Luis and the rest of the LOLA team joining the Audio Service Line,” said Andrea Ballista, Global Audio Service Line Director at Keywords Studios. “Their skills and experience and access to talented voice actors in Mexico will increase our capacity for Latin American Spanish recording services and their expertise in dubbing film, TV and animated series will help extend our services in those markets.”

We’ll see you in a few days for your regularly scheduled Keywords Studios acquisition news. In the meantime, keeeeeep Keywordsing.


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