Kickstarter coming to UK October 31st

British developers can start building their projects today in preparation for end of the month launch
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Kickstarter, the most popular vehicle for crowdfunding, is set to arrive in the United Kingdom on October 31st.

Since Tim Schafer's Double Fine launched their record-setting campaign to fund an old school adventure game in February this year, dozens of high-profile campaigns have raised millions on the Kickstarter platform.

Now developers on the "Sceptred Isle" will have their chance to make a go of it, and can get started building a campaign today.

Projects will start going live at the end of the month.

UK campaign ammounts will be listed in pounds, but International backers will see their donation approximated to U.S. dollars prior to completion.

There are other localised changes as well: UK backers will not be redirected to Amazon for payment, international shipping has been streamlined, and new options are available to campaign organisers to alter reward tiers for international backers.

All projects will be listed at regardless of nationality.

Developers who want to get an early start preparing their pitch and planning their projects should visit the Kickstarter blog for more information.