Kickstarter 'ideal' for generating pre-orders

Niffler says funding platform is now 'crowded' but can be used as a pre-purchase system instead
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UK-based developer Niffler says funding platform Kickstarter is also a great way of raising pre-orders.

It is currently using the website to raise funds for its upcoming title Chuck’s Challenge 3D. It’s offering the game for half-price to early buyers.

"Kickstarter is great," Niffler’s executive director Barn Cleave (pictured) told Develop.

"However, like the Apple App Store, it’s now already crowded, so it’s all about discovery. If you are looking to get funding, you have to treat it with as much strategic planning as a game launch.

"We've taken a slightly different approach with our Kickstarter project. Instead of asking for the full development budget, we're using Kickstarter as a pre-ordering system. It’s ideal for pre-orders.

"It's a way for us to reward fans who want to get involved with development. So Kickstarter is more of a collaboration tool. It’s definitely worth asking your fans if they want to contribute more, most don't, but a few really do."

Niffler says the game will be priced at $10 when it goes on sale. But it’s rewarding those who purchase it early by asking them to pay just $5 on its Kickstarter page. It’s aiming to generate $12,500 before Sunday, April 29th. 

Niffler is one of several mobile developers that form publisher consortium AppyNation.


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