Kinect tech firm releases open-source drivers

PrimeSense seeks to democratise motion sensor development
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Kinect sensor tech firm PrimeSense has released open-source drivers for the peripheral, and established an NI devices, applications and middleware organisation.

The open-source OpenNI Framework supplies an API for writing NI apps while also providing middleware that grants access to RGB-D sensors like Kinect and PrimeSense’s development kit PSDK 5.0.

PrimeSense has said that it planned on releasing the drivers at a later date, but brought that plan forward in light of the successes of Kinect ‘hacking’ community OpenKinect, which aims to make use of the sensor in as many different ways as possible.

Windows and Linux binaries for the NITE skeleton tracking library have also been released by OpenNI, with the intention of allowing for improved gesture applications creation.

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