Kongregate launches new browser dev platform

Popular Flash portal unveils Konduit API package
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Flash gaming website Kongregate has expanded its offering of developer support services. The new application platform, 'codenamed' Konduit, will see the portal embrace more social gaming elements, and welcome the arrival of browser-based titles.

Increasingly we've been having success with games that are a little bit larger and more persistent," revealed Kongregate's CEO and co-founder Jim Greer, speaking to CasualGaming.biz yesterday.

"By that I mean Flash-based MMOs, or strategy games and so-forth. There we're still Flash games technically, but with a payment system that has seen a couple of games make really quite good revenue."

As a result, Kongregate is opening up its popular website to developers creating browser games that are, relative to Flash, more substantial, and capable of generating revenue outside of the portal's traditional advertising-based model.

Games makers will be able to build projects in their chosen back-end and developer framework, which Konduit will then integrate with the existing and newly introduced features Kongregate is to offer.

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