Korean studio chides â??profit-focusedâ?? Asian market

GPM Studio lambastes the mindset of Eastern games development
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Luke Park, CEO of South Korea-based GPM Studio, has criticised Asian games development, saying that the focus on turning a profit over creating enjoyable titles is creating a barrier between the Western and Asian games markets.

Park made the comments in a Develop-exclusive interview with Unity marketing manager Thomas Grove, discussing the reasons behind GPM’s licensing of Unity for a series of titles both completed and still in development.

“I think that in the Asian market, developers think more about business and making a profit from games rather than giving fun and joy to people,” he said.

“This mindset is different (to the West).”

Elsewhere in the interview, Park stated that the greatest difficulties facing smaller studios lay in finding experienced and skilled developers, as well as locating funding for their projects.

“Creating new content and opening new markets is the only way to become a global business,” he explained.

The full interview can be found here.