Last chance to vote: How damaging is crunch?

This week's Jury Service hits deadline day
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Recent developments and accusations have turned our Develop Jury to the topic of overtime, quality of life, and workers’ rights.

This week’s question is:

How damaging is crunch and overtime to studios and their projects?

There are a number of issues you can approach with your response, so we’ll leave it open to you.

Are crunch phases just part of the job? Is overtime a result of passion for your work, or is it an expectation placed on by the management? What impact does crunch have on the work atmosphere? What effect does it have on projects? Who’s to blame? Rising development costs? Financial risks? Poor management? Unrealistic deadlines? Publishers?

All industry responses emailed to us will be published later in the week, like this.

You can of course speak anonymously, though we encourage open debate.

If you’re a developer or work in the game industry, email your response to