Leading the way in concept design

A former Lionhead designer has struck out solo to start his own concept art and design service.
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Called Leading Light Conceptual Design, and founded by Christian Bravery, the new endeavour will offer a complete concept and design service – specifically targeting those studios wishing to push the envelope when it comes to graphics.

Leading Light is pitching itself as perfect for providing bespoke concept art (sample pictured above) to help establish and drive a project’s individual style – or help win over a publisher when it comes to pitching.

Until founding Leading Light, Bravery worked at Lionhead for almost nine years. During that time he contributed to a number of the studio’s titles including the Black & White games (he was art director on the recent sequel) and Fable. Before that he was a freelance artist and worked for 2000AD, ITV, Impossible Pictures and Channel 4.

Bravery, who is currently working on projects for Criterion and Storm Front, said: “Concept art is the cornerstone of establishing the look and feel of a game. Now that the technical playing field is flattening, it is more important than ever for games developers to establish a stylish, resolved look for their product if it is to stand out from the crowd and compete for market share.

“Quality concept art can inspire teams, help secure publishing deals and set the whole art team on the right track and, of course, it’s always useful to have lots of eye candy for PR and marketing departments to use. Leading Light provides unique, original high impact concept art deliverables of extremely high quality.”



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