Level Up contest calls for new blood

Start-up devs can enter the Game Connection Europe contest for free
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Conference organiser Connection Events is offering start-up developers the chance to promote their work for free at the upcoming Game Connection Europe event.

Taking place in Lyon from December 10, the show invites developers less than two years’ old to present their products and services for free – a service normally valued at €4,500.

The scheme, known as Level Up, is giving aspiring dev teams until September 14 to pitch their work and, if selected, wil go on to display it at Game Connection Europe.

At this stage, the work will be assessed by the Game Connection Advisory Board, who will selectthe ultimate Level Up winners.

“In these struggling times many talented professionals decided to create their own companies and the Level Up program is the opportunity for them to be in front of publishers and other developers and make the deals securing their company’s future for a couple of years,” said Pierre Carde, Managing Director of Connection Events.