Second Life: Ripe for revolution?

Despite claims that Second Life represents a world ripe for exploitation for all sorts of companies, legal expert Vincent Scheurer wonders if a world where everything is at the whim of a single corporate entity is the right place to be doing business...


Life in the Fast Line

A year after acquisition, how is Black Rock Studio changing under the guidance of Disney and how does that play into House of Mouseâ??s plans for games? We spoke to Tony Beckwith, studio chief, and Disneyâ??s VP of European production Ed Bainbridge to find outâ?¦


Life in the Engine Room

At the Microsoft Gamefest conference earlier this week, Epic Games hosted a special session which brought together three of its very different customers to share their experiences (both good and bad) using middleware and to offer advice to those looking to use Epicâ??s Unreal Engine. Session summary followsâ?¦