Lionhead unveils cross communication XBLA-to-Fable 2 game

GDC KEYNOTE: Keystone will let players generate in-game money
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Lionhead's Peter Molyneux unveiled a raft of new features for upcoming first-party title Fable 2 during the Microsoft keynote at GDC today - included in them a new Xbox Live Arcade game which communicates with the main game.

Called Keyston, the title is Poker-style gambling game that mixes Craps and Roulette - players can use it to generate in-game money which they can spend in the Fable 2 universe.

Molyneux explained: "Imagine games communicating with other games - that's always been a dream of mine."

The game itself will be released a few weeks prior to Fable 2's retail release later in 2008.




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