Lionsgate: We'd like to see games for all our IP

Hunger Games film studio wants gaming to be the third pillar of its business
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Movie maker Lionsgate expects video games to play a big role in the company's future, with the long-term goal of having titles planned for each of its IP.

Speaking at the GamesBeat conference, the firm's president of interactive ventures and games Peter Levin offered an insight into Lionsgate's gaming vision, according to VentureBeat.

"We're looking at our games business as the third leg of the stool," he said. "Long term, we would like to see games when applicable be part of our roadmap of all IP."

The Canadian-American film firm currently has access to several popular franchises, most notably the smash hit Hunger Games trilogy, as well as Divergent and The Expendables. It has already collaborated on mobile games such as The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth.

Lionsgate announced it was creating a games development arm earlier this year. It later invested heavily in Finnish games start-up Next Games.