Live streaming start-up VREAL is 'Twitch for virtual reality'

Platform will support 360-degree streaming to both headsets and PC screens
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A new company hopes to do for VR what Twitch has done for ‘traditional’ games.

VREAL (‘Virtual Reality Entertainment and Live streaming’) was founded by former Unity exec Todd Hooper, who wants to put players “next to their favourite streamer” by hosting live 360-degree video in traversable virtual space.

The platform, which will launch in beta form this summer, will support viewing through mobile and PC VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR, as well as normal 2D displays.

VREAL’s SDK includes support for Unity and Unreal integration, allowing devs to even place viewers inside the game world to watch their favourite streamers in action. Video hosts can also interact with their fans through “3D content” – for example, by handing out in-game items.

"The rise of gaming as viewable entertainment has reshaped the game marketplace, and virtual reality will forever change the way we play and watch,” Hooper said.

“VREAL is the first company to create a platform that gives game developers, streamers and players a way to natively stream VR gaming experiences across the full spectrum of desktop and mobile VR and traditional 2D screens.”


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