London based Rocksteady developing Batman game for Eidos

Original title based on comic book IP
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Has EA's apparently difficult-to-develop Dark Knight game been trumped before it's even officially revealed (or, er, officially cancelled)?

Possibly - US magazine Game Informer has unveiled its latest coverstory, in the process revealed that Eidos has turned to London-based Rocksteady to develop Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Based on the Batman comic IP (not the movie one, which EA has access to), the game is described as exploring "Gotham City’s darkest location, the infamous Arkham Asylum... as a routine prison transfer goes wrong, the Joker sets his demented plan into action and Batman comes face to face with an army of his worst enemies".

The game also features "a dark and gritty setting reminiscent of Bioshock" according to Game Informer. Rocksteady has been working with comics scribe and writer for the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series Paul Dini.

Rocksteady previously worked on Urban Chaos for Eidos, whose parent company SCi holds a minority share in the studio, and helped fund its original founding.

The studio previously announced it had licensed Unreal Engine 3 for unannounced projects - although it's not yet known if the studio is using the Epic middleware for the new Batmam game.

A countdown on the Rocksteady site ticks down with an accompanying Batman logo, presumably leading up to the game's official announcement later this month.