London mocap studio adds cutting-edge tech

Virtual camera system and facial capture suite to open soon
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Virtual camera system and facial capture suite to open soon

Studio 7, the East London motion capture firm, has expanded its services with the installation of new technologies.

The facility will now feature a virtual camera system (VCS) and a facial motion capture suite to complement its existing body, hand and prop mocap facility.

Studio 7 claims the virtual camera system divers rapid content creation, flexibility for taking shots without the hassle of additional keyframes, real-time results and extended animation control at a not unreasonable price.

Key to the studio’s success may be its proximity to Soho, which inhabits numerous production houses in TV, film, audio and – increasingly – games.

“We are very excited to have the VCS in our studio,” says Managing Director Chris Richmond.

“It takes us to another level in terms of the variety and sophistication of scenes clients can record here. Directors and animators can now capture everything they need at one central facility, whilst saving time and budget in post-production.”


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