London offers developers â??great dealsâ??

Capital city offers savings despite credit crunch
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Speaking with Develop for our week-long London focus, Zoe Mode London’s head of studio Nick Rodriguez revealed some interesting reasons behind the choice to expand the developer from Brighton into the capital.

“In the current climate, some of the things we would have expected to be very expensive are actually very competitive. Office space for instance; we are looking to outgrow the current office in the next six months or so and it looks like there are some great deals about,” revealed Rodriguez.

Furthermore, as the industry matures, Rodriguez sees London as an obvious place to harness the recruitment pools from outside games development

“We’ve had a policy of looking for people from outside the industry at Zoe Mode for some time with excellent results. We’ve hired people from film, broadcast and advertising as well as the corporate sector,” said the studio head.

“The thing is to get people to understand that games have grown up and that skills from other industries are transferable and valuable to the games industry. Given the massive talent pool here in London, it would be foolish not to investigate and leverage all that potential.”

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