London Venture Partners launches seed fund for Euro start-ups

Backers include Nexon, Wargaming and Zynga boss Don Mattrick
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Backers include Nexon, Wargaming and Zynga boss Don Mattrick
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UK firm London Venture Partners has announced the launch of a new fund that aims to help European start-ups establish their business.

The seed fund will be the first investment fund that LVP has organised with third party investors. Current backers including online games giants Nexon and Wargaming, as well as Don Mattrick, the CEO of Zynga and former Xbox boss.

LVP has previously funded a number of gaming success stories that have gone on to create around $4bn in value over the past five years, including Clash of Clans dev Supercell, Oxford-based NaturalMotion, Playfish and the Unity-acquired Applifier.

"We are excited by the opportunity to identify compelling early-stage digital game investment propositions in Europe," said general partner David Gardner. 

"We believe that the European market represents significant untapped potential where we can apply our domain-specific strategic and operational expertise to help lead young game start-ups to success, and our LPs will provide great access and insight to our entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe and North America."