Long-form triple-A games 'constraining creativity'

Ninja Theory creative director champions shorter high-end titles at lower prices
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Triple-A games that last 15 hours or more are constraining creativity in the industry, says Ninja Theory’s chief creative director.

Speaking at the Slush business conference in Helsinki, as reported by Edge, Tameem Antoniades said creating such long titles was a crushing development experience for producers, and lamented the number of checkboxes that needed to be ticked to justify a $60 pricetag.

He instead championed the idea of releasing a two hour triple-A game and releasing if for a few dollars, and perhaps taking more cues from the TV industry.

“There’s no reason to stick with legacy forms. A 15 hour triple-A game is a crushing development experience for the producer,” he said.

“It constrains creativity, there’s a lot of checkboxes to justify $60. I always said that I didn’t know why we didn’t go to the 100 hour movie – and we are now. Between Netflix and boxed sets, we watch series from start to finish in one sitting. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to me are long forms of old media. I would love, more than anything, to do a two hour triple-A game and release it for a few dollars.

"I don’t know why we don’t have an endless song, that changes as we walk around and senses inputs from the world. We could create entirely new categories of entertainment.

“As creators, our task is to reinvent new forms of entertainment using what we know, in terms of triple-A console development, artistry, mobile, free-to-play, in terms of meeting the demand that our players require.”