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180+ jobs - from Australia to Seattle, via Ireland â?? listed now on developmag.com
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Pop culture vultures and those on top of current affairs may have heard of Gordon Brown's appearance on American Idol's yearly charity fundraiser special last night, where he pledged 20 million mosquito nets for countries plagued by malaria.

While such philanthropy might be beyond our reach, we've our own pledge to you: developmag.com will help you find your perfect job.

Perhaps you fancy working for a multi million-selling studio in Seattle, Washington, or maybe a job at Realtime Worlds in Dundee might be up your (free roaming, massively-multiplayer) street.

Maybe you'd like to explore new gaming boundaries with Emote, work on some of Blitz's massive range of titles, or work with Jagex on one of the most popular MMOs ever?

Then look no further than our jobs board, which currently boasts details of over 180 real games development vacancies around the world.

Hot jobs up for grabs this week include:

Realtime Worlds - build engineer, C# WinForms programmer, AI programmer, assistant producer, character concept artist, lead artist and many more.

Blitz Games Studios - programmer, senior animator, senior audio programmer, animator, flash animator

Emote - A&R producer, JavaScript programmer, web developer, lead/senior designer

Jagex - graphics unit leader, lead modeller, GUI artist, QA team leader, and more.

And if what you're looking for isn't listed up there, there's plenty more vacancies listed on our jobs board, where you can also upload your CV and send it directly to recruiting studios.

Follow this link to find your dream job.