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Our jobs board boasts over 200 real game development vacancies around the world PLUS: £100 listing offer now on
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Sat in your office wishing you were working somewhere else? Then look no further than our jobs board which currently boasts details of over 200 real games development vacancies around the world.

Hot jobs up for grabs this week include:

Video Game Programmer at FreeStyle Games (Leamington Spa, UK)

Game Design Director at Microsoft Game Studios Europe

Various Positions at Realtime Worlds (Scotland)

Software Developer on Xbox 360 / Software Developer on PS3 (France)

Senior 3D Artist (Germany)

Executive Producer - New IP Project (Seattle)

Lead Programmer (Ireland)

And if what you're looking for isn't listed up there, there's plenty more vacancies listed on our jobs board, where you can also upload your CV and send it directly to recruiting studios.

Follow this link to find your dream job.

And if you're a recruiter looking to find new staff, we're currently running a special offer where you can advertise each of your vacancies on the Develop jobs board for just £100 each. Contact Katie.Rawlings@intentmedia.co.uk to find out more – the offer finishes at the end of April.