Los Angeles Film School adds game and animation degrees

'Game developers have stories to tell too,' says institute
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The Los Angeles Film School has added Associate of Science degrees in Game Development and Computer Animation to its course offerings.

The LA Film School was opened in 1999 and up until now focused on teaching the film-making process, including production and post-production technology.

 The Game Development Associate's Program covers the game creation process, according to the institute, from pre-production to advanced coding, AI and game engine creation. The Computer Animation Associate's Program, meanwhile, is geared towards teaching the pipeline used in the game, television and film industries to create art and special effects, and will also have a special focus on advanced modelling.

"These degrees are a natural addition to the curriculum at The Los Angeles Film School," said Diana Derycz-Kessler, CEO of the LA Film School. "Game developers and computer animators have stories to tell, much like our filmmakers."

Andi Smithers, research and development senior engineer for Sony Online Entertainment in San Diego, added: "This is a great addition to the educational landscape in Southern California, as Los Angeles is the hub of the gaming industry. Not only is there a strong industry demand for well-equipped people, but as technology changes and new techniques need to be acquired, professionals are constantly looking to refresh their own skills."



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