Lucas' first handheld game made in Singapore

LucasArts is working on a handheld game based on its new Clone Wars CG TV show, and its sister production studio at Lucasfilm Singapore has been expanded to handle the development.
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The game will be the first internally developed handheld title for LucasArts.

Lucasfilm Singapore was founded in October 2005 to produce digital animated content for films, television and games and employs around 100 staff.

Until now, LucasArts' Singapore team was used for asset production, but with the new hires it has seemingly hit full development capacity.

Industry veteran Feargus Carroll is taking the reigns at the studio as project lead, bringing with him over 12 years of production experience earnt at the likes of Psygnosis, Infogrames and Electronic Arts. His more recent titles include Freedom Fighters, Black & White 2 and Battlefield: Modern Combat. Meanwhile the production's lead artist role will be filled by Matt Aldrich, former EA Vancouver art director.



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