Machinarium maestro to demo two new projects in UK

World premiers held at GameCityNights in Nottingham
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World premiers held at GameCityNights in Nottingham
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Jakub Dvorsky, the renowned Czech designer of adventure games Samorost and Machinarium, is weeks away from revealing his next two projects.

Dvorsky’s studio, Amanita Design, was nominated for three Develop Awards last year for the studio’s inspiring projects.

On March 25th, he will head to Nottingham event GameCityNights to explain and detail his next two works, as well as discuss his involvement in an upcoming animation film called Kooky.

“That Jakub is gracing us with not one, but two world premieres, is phenomenal – and possibly alarming,” said GameCity director Iain Simons.

“Given the quality of his previous work, these announcements look set to introduce us to some absolute must-have titles”.

GameCityNights is a monthly game design event which engages the industry with fans, aspiring developers and students.

The event will also feature indie developers showcasing their latest work, as well as demos of the next big triple-A releases.



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