Media Mill reveals Little Deviants audio work

E3 2011: UK audio outsourcer picks up work for upcoming Bigbig Studios project
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York, UK-based audio outsourcer Media Mill has revealed its contribution to upcoming Bigbig Studios PS Vita title Little Deviants.

The audio outsourcing firm, whose previous work includes such titles as Motorstorm Apocalypse and Total War: Shogun 2, has already completed a significant amount of the sound effects for Leamington Spa-based Bigbig.

“It’s been a while since we worked on something like this,” said Media Mill’s Jerry Ibbotson.

“Little Deviants is one of those games that puts a smile on your face and we’ve tried to reflect that in the audio. The deviants themselves have different characters so we’ve made sure they all sound unique.

“It’s great to be working with the Bigbig team again. We’ve produced audio for all of their releases so far but I think Little Deviants has the biggest profile. Seeing it on the global stage of E3 has been a real buzz.”


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