MeeGo dev meet-up this week

Expert advice on hand at June 23rd event
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Expert advice on hand at June 23rd event

New insight and development tricks are on offer at the next MeeGo Experts meet-up, event organiser Intel has said.

MeeGo is an open source operating system based on Linux, which is being supported by Intel, Orange, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, AMD, Texas Instruments, Sprint, and Telecom Italia, among others.

The idea is that the same underlying operating system can be used across a wide range of devices, starting with netbooks and tablets, and extending to include smart TV, smartphones and in-vehicle infotainment, among other platforms.

The Birmingham event, which runs Thursday on June 23rd, will discuss augmented reality techniques on the Meego OS, as well as offer a guide on creating a MeeGo Interface.

Intel will also discuss integration of MeeGo with its AppUp Developer Program.

More information can be found here.