Menus Master now available for Wii

Omegame's UI authoring middleware certified official third party tool
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Omegame has announced that its Menus Master user interface middleware is now available for the Wii.

The toolchain consists of three elements: Menus Master Studio, which allows artists to take over the majority of the UI development workflow; Menus Master Data Generator, which integrates into the art pipeline to prepare and build data; and Menus Master Development Kit, the programmers' SDK.

"The Wii system is very exciting for Omegame; it has broadened the video game audience to a new demographic, unfamiliar to video games," said Sebastien Kohn, sales and marketing director for Omegame.

"An intuitive user interface is critical to offer these new gamers a great experience that will convince them to keep playing video games."

Nicolas Perret, Omegame's CTO, added: "The Wii Remote opens brand new horizons in terms of interactions. The scalability of Menus Master combined with its artist oriented design make it the perfect tool to free this great potential."



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