Microsoft HoloLens features native support for any Windows 10 app

Further details released about AR hardware include battery life, wireless functionality and display capability
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If you’re creating for Windows 10, you’re also creating for HoloLens.

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Bruce Harris revealed a slew of new details about its augmented reality glasses at a Tel Aviv event (via Petri), including its support for any application or game that currently works with PC operating system Windows 10.

Harris described HoloLens as ‘totally wireless’, utilising Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for data transfer.

No wired alternative will be available at all, but any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-compatible device will be able to hook up with the hardware. This includes other HoloLens glasses – multiple sets can be connected over the internet to share an experience.

Battery life reportedly tops out at five and a half hours, although this falls to around two and a half when being used liberally.

In terms of display capabilities, HoloLens’ field of view is comparable to that of a 15-inch monitor two feet from the user’s face.

The current limitation is down to cost and battery economy, with Harris indicating a desire to improve the specifications in the future as components drop in price.

HoloLens is set for developer release during Q1 2016, with a consumer release currently undated. The price of the hardware is expected to be approximately $3,000.