Microsoft launches new rewards programme

Xbox Live Rewards switches to credit-based incentives as Microsoft Points phased out
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Microsoft has unveiled a new rewards system that gamifies Xbox Live and incentivises certain activities without relying on a virtual currency.

Xbox Live Rewards has launched soon after the Xbox manufacturer completed the transition from Microsoft Points to local currency, and offers customers the chance to “turn your dedication into dollars.”

The system gives users credits for activities like renewing their Xbox Live subscription, making purchases, taking monthly survers, and inviting new members to the program.

Users that raise their Gamerscore could get up to to a three percent rebate at the Xbox Store.

When 5,000 credits are earned, they are converted into the equivalent amount in the user's local currency.

This credit-based system makes a lot of sense as a replacement for the old rewards program, which used the now abandoned virtual Microsoft Points virtual currency.

The new Xbox Live Rewards is in some ways similar to Nintendo Club's rewards program, and the credits are only useable on the Xbox marketplace.