Microsoft opening Live studio in London

New team dedicated to 'social experiences' on Xbox 360 working in UK capital
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Microsoft is to open a studio in London dedicated to creating 'social experiences' for Xbox Live, according to job postings on the corporation's web site.

One such listing, seeking an Xbox Live Program Manager, reveals that 'the new Xbox Live Europe team is building a product development studio in London focused on creating Xbox Live interactive platform content and social experiences' for consumers in the UK and Europe.

The posting goes on to say that 'there are specific projects already underway' and that the role will have 'immediate product deliverables'.

The advert also suggests that Microsoft's push into the social gaming space, piggybacking on the New Xbox Experience (launched today), will not be limited to just internal efforts, asking the new program manager to also 'serve as a liaison with other partner development studios both within and outside of Microsoft'.

The London team will be charged with developing content that appeals specifically to the European market - or 'experiences which amplify the local vibrancy of each of the European markets', as the listing specifies.



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