Midland's developers call for regional body

Lack of Government funding blamed for shortfall
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Speaking to Develop, a number of studio heads from the Midlands area of the UK have addressed the need for an organisational body to represent the interests of developers in the community.

Simon Prytherch, CEO of Banbury studio Lightning Fish, explained: "What we don’t have in the Midlands, which I think is a shame, is an organisational body for the industry in the region. That’s partly due to there being no Government funding for the Midlands area, or very little. You get things like Game Republic, or GameHorizon in the North, but nothing here. That’s something I definitely want to change."

In the same feature, where leading industry figures from the Midlands discussed the merits and failings of the Midland's area, Strawdog Studios MD Paul Smith confirmed: "It just hasn’t happened in the Midlands yet. Whether it will or not I don’t know, but because we’re so dispersed, and the Midlands is such a huge area, it’s difficult to define where it begins and ends," later adding: "There needs to be something in this region to be honest."

"If we’re sat here wondering why one hasn’t been set up perhaps that’s something we should all talk about," suggested Gusto Games MD Simon Phillips. "The thing is, with collaboration, it needs to be very well communicated and very well set up to work efficiently, because somebody always has an edge or angle."

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