Mischief 2.1 available now

New version of The Foundry’s art tool adds ‘Pins’ to its infinite canvas
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Mischief 2p1.jpg

The Foundry has released Mischief 2.1, an update of the art tool it acquired last year.

The new software, which is designed to help artists and developers brainstorm and work up concepts, introduces a ‘Pins’ function, which makes it easier to navigate the tool’s infinite canvas.

Creatives can now jump between sections of the canvas via Pins, as well as zoom out to see the full picture or ideas map.

“Mischief, in essence, enables the free flow of ideas, and with Mischief 2.1 you can create a map of ideas and sketches on a canvas with no boundaries,” said Made with Mischief founder and chief scientist Sarah Frisken.

“Mischief 2.1 now offers infinite ways to create concepts, enhancing its appeal for storyboarding, brainstorming and anyone who wants to draw visual concepts.”

The Foundry acquired Made With Mischief, the firm behind the tool, back in November. We took an in-depth look at the art software earlier this year.