Miyamoto: When I retire, I'll teach

Dev master wants to teach the craft to a new generation
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Shigeru Miyamoto, likely the most well-known games developer in the world, has revealed his post-retirement plans.

The Kyoto-born Mario and Zelda creator, 58, has said he wants to teach a new generation of game designers when his glittering career comes to an end.

“When I leave the company, I would like to work with young people and teach them about developing,” Miyamoto told The Guardian.

“Though it wouldn't be like [traditional] teaching, more explaining how we think and how we interact with the user,” he added.

“For the development process, practical learning is important.”

But the illustrious Nintendo designer says he still has a career ahead of him.

“I'm not really thinking of retirement yet,” he said, before adding that he may work on fewer game projects in the future.