MMO child protection tool â??reduces need for modsâ??

Crisp Thinking reveals NetModerator U13
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A new software package aimed to protect youngsters who play online games may help firms alleviate the need for moderation teams.

Online security group Crisp Thinking has launched its latest child safety solution, NetModerator U13, and claims that the tool can evaluate both the context and intent of online conversations to identify potential threats.

NetModerator U13 offers a real-time analysis of online communications and matches lines of chat with an exhaustive library of approved words and their hundreds of thousands of variants.

The result, according to the company, is a moderation tool that can allow colloquialisms, 1334speak and invented language while at the same time recognizing subtle behaviors to identify potential foul play.

Crisp Thinking says that the tool can “reduce the need for live moderation/customer service teams to deal with low-level issues, offering savings of up to 80 per cent”.

The firm’s CEO Adam Hildreth said that NetModerator U13’s unique appeal is that it “can analyse the context and intent of the participants.”



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