MochiAds partners with

Partnership to give Flash game developers bigger revenue potential
Publish date:’s casual games lineup will be bolstered by over 1,000 new games thanks to a partnership between its parent company and MochiMedia’s MochiAds advertising network service.

The large windfall comes about because developers using the MochiAds technology, which lets Flash game developers easily insert pre-game or between-level adverts and receive a share of the revenue, benefit from distribution with Mochi Media’s partners, increasing potential audiences and revenue.

“We want to be the place where novice and professional game developers can make the best per-play revenues and where users can discover and play the most entertaining online games,” said Toby Rowland, co-founder of

“Our partnership with MochiAds provides players with new games and game developers with the opportunity to increase their revenues by sharing in the proceeds of around-game advertising.”



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