modo 401 released

Popular modeller gets animation toolset plus enhanced export pipeline
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Luxology has released version 401 of its popular modelling app Modo, which is now available in a 64-bit Windows version.

The new version contains a new animation toolset, supporting inverse kinematics, dynamic parenting, channel constrains and modifiers; plus over 1,500 pre-built assets such as profile curves, fur presets, 3D props and animated rigs.

The modelling toolset has also been improved, with almost all tools now supporting per-vertex collision with geometry, and new profile presets simplify the modelling of edge-based details such as complex bevels.

Finally, the tool's import and export pipeline has also been enhanced, with better support for COLLADA, FBX, 3DM and a new SolidWorks 2009 importer on Windows.