Mojang's Scrolls 'will contain aspects of free-to-play'

But game will still have initial purchase cost, says Markus Persson
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Scrolls will contain aspects of free-to-play, but won’t be a free game, Mojang founder Markus ‘notch’ Persson has said on Twitter.

He added to Gamasutra: “It will have an initial cost that gets you started with the game. “

“The game will be designed so you can in theory play it with just this initial cost, but if you want to you can buy more scrolls to play with."

Persson also spoke on his blog of how he hates the phrase ‘free-to-play’, stating it should instead be called “as expensive as you want it to be”.

He cited that with the free model games end up “designed more like a slot machine than Half-life 2”.

Mojang recently won an interim injunction in its court battle with Bethesda over naming rights and the game’s alleged infringement of The Elder Scrolls franchise