Moledina joins Electronic Arts

Former GDC director will be Outreach Director for EA Partners
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Jamil Moledina, the former executive director of the Game Developers Conference, has taken up a new role with EA Partners.

Moledina helped build GDC into the large-scale event it has become in recent years, securing big-name developers as speakers and encouraging emerging cutting-edge studios to supply content for the conference.

He left organisers Think in August to "pursue new opportunities" - and clearly those are at Electronic Arts.

As outreach director, business development for EAP, he will be "seek out breakthrough games and provide their developers with a selection of seasoned practical and business capabilities to help them realise their dreams" according to a statement reproduced by Kotaku.

So more work with emerging cutting-edge studios, then.

In the past two years, EA Partners has made a point of signing up many key US independents for new titles, including id, Valve, Harmonix and Epic Games.